A Game Of Inches…

Buenas noches.



If you were around on Thursday when I last wrote, I mentioned being at or near the halfway point of this summer. Turns out I was a few days early because yesterday was the actual halfway point, which makes today the first day of the home stretch — the first minute of the second half, if you will. Just how that would leave 29 minutes left in a football game, it leaves me with 29 days left in New York City. If you caught it, the title of this post is derived from Al Pacino’s famous halftime speech in Any Given Sunday. It’s a loose reference, mind you, because Pacino’s speech is meant to rally the team together for a comeback in the second half because they’d been getting the shit kicked out of them thus far in the game. I haven’t been getting the shit kicked out of me — things couldn’t really be going better — but I sat here for about five minutes trying to think of a title before eventually coming up with this one. I think it’s clever, so if you don’t, you’re an idiot.



Since the cheesiness and corniness are already oozing freely into my writing tonight, I’ll take a stab at making another loose connection between Al Pacino’s speech about “inches” and my recent happenings. Back in the day — when most print newspapers were still culturally and societally relevant — journalists and editors used to gauge the length of a story or article by inches. This was the most effective way to do it before computers rolled around with their fancy ‘word count’ features.  So, in the parlance of the yesteryear, I’ve had a solid number of inches posted since we last spoke.



Today, I went through and posted all of the stories from issues #1 and #2 of Huffington onto The Huffington Post. Luckily for my grandmothers and anyone else who reads what I write, this means that the texts of both stories I’ve written in the magazine are now available to those without iPads. There’s nothing fancy about them — I was literally told the copy/paste the text from the magazine article onto the website — but they’re there, now. I encourage you to check them out if you haven’t got anything more productive to do with your evening.


Click here to read.


This story appeared in Issue #2 two weeks ago. Dr. Good was a blast to interview and is doing some pretty innovative and honorable things when it comes to how we deal with stray animals.


Click here to read.

I’m not really sure why this one has my face on it, but when I filed it, it showed up. This story appeared in our double issue, Issue #3-4, last week. Interestingly enough, one of the sources is going to be a KU student. It’s pretty strange when people voice their emails real professionally and you know that they go to your school, but it was cool to be able to relate like that.

So there they are. I’m not sure how many other things I’ll have published this summer. We don’t ship another issue until next Thursday and I know that I won’t have a byline in it. After that, I think I’ll only be around for one more issue, so unless something comes up and I’m asked to write something, these may be it. I’m cool with that though — I didn’t even think I’d get to write much at all this summer. Doing editorial work on the magazine is a lot of work and there isn’t much time to write.

The Fourth of July is on Wednesday. It should be good. I’ll tell you about it when we speak next.

All the best


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