A little schtick before the weekend hits…

I’m sorry if this upsets you, but I honestly can’t think of too much to go on about, this evening. I know the throngs of die-hard fans and paparazzi who have held vigil outside my home each night for the past few years will be heartbroken, but I hope they will learn to cope in wake of this tragedy. Rest assured, though; I took some pictures here and there and I’ll share them with you.

If you follow me on Instagram (like I told you to last time…) you’ve already seen them. So that sucks.

Work is going really well and it’s unlike anything I’ve really ever done before. I’ve always savvied myself as a writer and not much else, which is precisely why I chose to take this specific job at HuffPo. My editor told me to choose between writing for one of the site’s sections or taking a risk and working on the new magazine. Since tablet-based magazines are the way of the future — and this one is undoubtedly going to raise the bar upon its release — I decided to go for it. Why not, right? Broaden my horizons.

So far, it seems as if my job is going to be a lot like a pinch hitter/pinch runner combo. Wherever there’s something within my capacity (so no heavy-duty page design, graphic design, photography, etc.) that needs to get done while the others are busy, it floats on over to my email and I start doing it. If you read back to some of the posts I wrote about my job last year, there were a few times towards the beginning where I mentioned feeling weird because I didn’t feel like I was an intern — I felt like I worked there, like I was an actual reporter. That was one of the coolest experiences and I absolutely loved it, but I feel like I’m truly paying my dues now. As I reread that sentence, I realized that it may sound like I’m complaining — I’m not. The people with the best, most successful careers in journalism didn’t stick to their strengths the entire way. You’ve got to do a lot of things that don’t come easily at first and you have to learn how to get them done efficiently. Luckily, nothing that I’ve been faced with so far has been too difficult for me, I just haven’t done some of them in a while. I pride myself on having a perfectionist attitude when it comes to things like this, so I haven’t really been the most satisfied with myself. It’s still the first week, though. I’ve got a good idea of how things work and I’m looking forward to getting better at them.

Outside of work, I’ve been trying to re-experience a lot of the things/places I enjoyed so much last summer. I’ve eaten at almost every place that I would drool about every time I thought about NYC last semester (including a trip to Katz’s with an old friend who I hadn’t seen in years, Kylie. Check her blog out), I’ve taken a few of those long, luxurious walks throughout Manhattan with my headphones in and I’ve tried to soak it back in as much as I can. Shit, tonight I even went up to Times Square to watch the USA/Russia wrestling dual. The Olympic teams that will compete in London were on display and the headlining match-up was between two Americans for the last spot on the team. It was crazy; the guy who ended up winning that last spot was overjoyed, as you can imagine. I can’t even begin to think about what it would feel like to do that, especially in front of thousands of people on the streets of NYC.

Anyways, it’s kind of hard for me to explain exactly how it feels to be back here, but to keep it blunt, it feels right and it feels good.

Strangely, there’s a very good chance that my first weekend out here will be the best that I’ll have all summer. After I get done at work, I’m headed out to Long Island to visit my pledge son and good friend, Greg, as well as the rest of his family. The last time I was out there, I got a little too drunk and suffered for it on the westbound train the next morning, but I had a great time. His family is incredibly welcoming and is a blast to be around. According to the phone call I had with him today, we’re going to be drinking tomorrow night and we’ll be at the Belmont Stakes on Saturday — which is especially cool because I’ve never been to a horse race, let alone a Triple Crown horse race, let alone a nationally televised horse race and let alone a horse race where I could potentially see a horse win the first Triple Crown since 1978. As far as I’m concerned, Saturday’s a pretty good day to see your first race.

I’ll try and write again on Monday. The magazine launches next Wednesday, and I’m not sure whether the launch party is on Tuesday or Wednesday night. Either way, you’ll hear about it and you’ll see pictures from it. It’ll be cool.

All the best

P.S. Every time I write here, WordPress reminds me that it only costs $20 to buy the rights to “whatdoesbarbosathink.com.” I think I’m going to do it after my first pay check, and I’m going to do it out of pure laziness (because I hate getting to it through WordPress first) and pure egomania (because then I’d have my own motherfucking website). Stay tuned.


One thought on “A little schtick before the weekend hits…

  1. You’re keeping it real and interesting!
    Enjoy the Belmont-this is a race Any
    One who watches horse racing would give eye teeth to see it! Hope your horse wins

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