Alright, my bad everyone. Read the post below…I was busy.

So the weekend…

Yankees game was pretty damn sweet. My mom and dad were treated by some work clients to a suite for a Royals game early in the week, and the man in charge of hosting that event works out of New York. Apparently they got into discussion on how I currently live in New York and have been wanting to make it out to Yankee Stadium at some point. So the guy generously gives them his contact information and tells them to have me hit him up to watch Friday’s game against the Rockies from a suite. I get this call sometime on Thursday, claim the tickets and call up my homie Greg — who will be a Sigma Nu brother in about a month — and he agrees to come down from Long Island to see the game with me. That stadium’s pretty incredible. The suites are ridiculously swanky, the fans are pretty wild and it’s just overall pretty awe-inspiring. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the K and seeing Royals games there, but this is different. Back home, “going to a Royals game” basically means drinking in the parking lot until the third or fourth inning, buying some ten dollar tickets and watching the boys in blue get mercy-ruled. It’s different there…probably because they’re good. The Royals will get there one day.

I slept ALL day Saturday to make up for all the lost hours from throughout the week. I wasn’t really planning on doing too much, Maclean was planning on checking out the gay pride parades because the whole town was going crazy after it passed the night before. I was on the streets when it passed Friday and I was considering checking out some of the festivities (I’m not gay…but history happened while I’m here. Might as well try and see as much as possible so I can say I was there, ya know?) but I had pretty much come to the conclusion that I was probably just going to stay home or something.

Then I remembered about the Gold Cup final.

USA vs. Mexico for a spot in the “dress rehearsal for the World cup” (which we placed second in 2009). I hit the internet and scoped out NYC’s premier soccer bar and noticed that they had a $30 open bar. I packed in my shitty fake ID and hit the road up towards the bar. It’s located underneath (meaning DIRECTLY underneath) the Empire State Building in a pretty swanky neighborhood. I was worried I wouldn’t get in, but thank god I did. Had a good time from then on out, no need to go into too much detail, though. If you know me, you can do the assuming, haha.

Football Factory NYC


I know I promised to give a little bit of detail about the story I’m working on — sorry. I’m not going to. It’s not even that big of a deal, there’s just a bit of risk when it comes to reporting this kind of thing. I’m not even writing it though, I’m just doing the bulk of the research. So therefore, it’s not a big deal, don’t worry. Maybe I’ll talk about it some day in the future. We’ll see how things go. Forget about it for now.
Saki’s writing that story, so I think I might be taking the byline for tomorrow’s/Friday’s article(s). Neither of those are heavy at all, just simple stuff like the last two. We’ll see what happens in the next few days.

I’ve officially run out of all money (had to scrounge up nickels and dimes to do laundry tonight) so it’s a miracle that Friday is my first payday. Finally going to buy an iPod (after mine got stolen at the Big XII basketball championship in March). I’m also thinking about buying these bad boys sometime soon…

Middle pair, or ones below. Still haven't decided.


All the best



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