Blue Valley’s favorite A-Hole is back in the game, baby.

After all the work last week, I finally got my first national byline.

Click here for the story on Huffington Post

Following suit with my previous years in the world of media, I’ve pissed a massive quantity of people off, too. My email inbox is full-to-the-brim and if you take a few seconds to read the comments, there’s a good handful that would like my head on a platter come morning. This isn’t the first time I’ve faced this though; I got this kind of stuff for damn-near every single column I published in my high school paper. Some parents even wrote to our principal suggesting I be suspended or even kicked out of the school. Thankfully, those communists didn’t get their way.

If you read my story, there’s a paragraph towards the bottom that says something-along-the-lines of: “When it comes to these budget battles, there’s a shit-ton of emotion.” So as my credibility gets knocked by every teacher in America, please remember that I called this: These people are going to flip on me, because this is a very emotional subject to them. Understandably so, as well. It should be noted that I didn’t talk to a single teacher (The last source is the director of the Teachers Association, but he has never taught a class in his life. He helps them handle their business and present their demands) and I didn’t talk to a single school board member. These were the opinions of the community members we spoke to, not mine.

Nonetheless, it feels good to be back under everyone’s skin. I have a feeling Wednesday’s story will probably cause a small stir too, but not this large. We’ll see, though. I had a good time with this one.

On to the weekend…

I was freaking EXHAUSTED Friday night, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t do anything substantial. This weekend kind of flew by and details are fuzzy to me at the moment, but I’m pretty sure I napped upon arrival and then did nothing for the rest of the night. Classic.

Saturday was a bit cooler. Apparently Washington Square Park basically turns into a New York version of Venice Beach with a ton of street vendors everywhere. There was a ton of cool stuff, and given that my dad is a rather quirky individual, there was plenty to gather for his Father’s Day presents.

Maclean raised a very valid concern when I came back to my place: I hadn’t been out to party once since I’ve been here. We decided to fix this dilemma by hitting the bars. It’s all a bit fuzzy, but we made our way to a 90’s-music bar on Third called Joshua Tree. It was absolutely ridiculous, the music was incredible but the drinks were insanely expensive. That being said, neither of us had ANY money at the end to get a cab and the subways are pretty sketchy at 3 am. My shins still hurt from that 40 block walk home. Never doing that again.

All-in-all, solid stuff in Barbosaland. In the future, I’m probably not going to post on weekends a lot. Who knows, though.

All the best


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